Committed and dedicated to

  • Increasing deployment of renewables in the country by facilitating investor friendly environment, infrastructure and assured service levels and efficient governance.
  • Formulation of policies and facilitating their implementation, advocacy with Ministry and Government agencies, addressing issues of common interest in various interactive forums for the benefit of member SNAs.
  • Enhancing the competency of member SNAs by participation in National and International Conferences and Seminars, workshops and training.
  • Providing a common platform for discussing and sharing areas of common interest including standardisation of procurement procedures and technical specifications.
  • Developing technical capabilities of member SNAs for conducting testing of renewable energy project, undertaking consultancy, research and training, development of latest technologies etc.

Thriving on challenges, moving towards the global target of achieving sustainable development through increasing the share of clean energy, adopting latest technology developments, engaging advanced R&D techniques. Strive to achieve 100 % access to commercially viable clean energy in remote areas.